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Wardrobe Tips

Space Wise

To design a walk-in wardrobe you will need a separate room. You could also use the bedroom balcony.

A niche in the wall is also a neat way to contain a wardrobe. But remember the wardrobe should be at least two feet deep.

Do not have the wardrobe directly opposite the bed. It is very imposing. Plus, if you want mirrors on the shutters, it is considered bad luck according to Vaastu.

Who's Wardrobe?

The size of the wardrobe depends on who you are designing it for.

For instance, your five-year-old will have trouble reaching his clothes in a six feet high wardrobe or your husband will need more hanging space for his shirts.

Hung Up

You could have hanger space in the lower or upper half. But the height depends on what you need to store. If you have long coats and pants, take into account the length.

For a tall wardrobe, you could include a pulley mechanism that lowers the hanging rod every time you need to access something.

Hooks on the insides of shutters are great for belts and ties.

Slide In

Drawers are a must for all the little stuff like lingerie, perfumes and junk jewellery.

For airing purposes you could have pullouts of plastic, cloth or even metal for your lingerie.

Try a pullout about three feet above the ground. This drawer will have a base of horizontal metal rods. Hang up your pants directly on the rods without hangers. This way you can have a view of all the pants from the top.

If you don't want to hang up ties and belts, try drawers with partitions of about 2 inches thick for these.

Rack It

Store your shoes in drawers at the bottom of the wardrobe. But this is not advisable if you have a bad back.

Try a shoe rack in the wardrobe itself so you don't have to bend too much.

All Closed In

There are various designs you could choose from for the wardrobe shutters.
Vented shutters help air out your clothes. But if you are worried about dust getting in, you could have these shutters for just one part of the wardrobe.
If you have a space crunch, try mirrors on the shutters. It makes your room look spacious and doubles up as a dressing area. Avoid mirrors on the insides of shutters.

You could also have a veneer or laminate shutter in a colour of your choice. Another option is Duco paint for that glossy effect.

Lastly, avoid a wardrobe that extends to the floor. Keep a skirting of about 5 inches so the floor below can be easily cleaned. Also the material of the cupboard won't get destroyed in case of contact with water.