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Principles of FengShui

The underlying principle of Feng Shui is Chi. Chi is the cosmic energy, which we breath, we survive on and which is present everywhere. It is an energetic, formative principal that is spontaneously expressed throughout all life. It is the underlying principle of energy linking all things. This principle is common to other traditions as well. The Hindus call it prana, the Japanese call it Qi, and the Catholics call it spiritus. Chi can be of the earth, the atmosphere, or of people. The quality of chi is expressed through form, shape, color, sound and cycles of nature. A lot of Feng Shui is concerned with ensuring that chi does not get stuck, stagnate, depleted or too concentrated. Rather one should ensure that Chi is put into beneficial use through appropriate living conditions.

When a proper Feng Shui is done, our environments enable and support each of us to live richer, fuller, happier lives as we each actualize our fullest or best potentials in life. We can increase the energy in those areas of our lives that we wish to enhance, minimize non supportive energies, while at the same time being able to experience a greater sense of overall balance, harmony and contentment. All this is not magic, but a combination of science & mathematics and requires consultation of a true Feng Shui practitioner. Feng Shui is only one component in life. It cannot overcome all challenges in life, but can give us greater awareness to change the things in life over which we do have control.

Application of Feng Shui does not mean permanent elimination or prevention of your problems or worries, either personal or otherwise or changing your destiny from rags to riches. A good Feng Shui will establish a harmonious chord between man and the environment, so as to make your living more conducive in your environment. This in turn will create a favorable environment, which will maximize your potential to reap the maximum benefit or pursue your goals successfully.

A genuine Feng Shui practitioner will never indulge in False Promises of shaping your destiny through his recommendations. This is because a man is characterized by 3 kinds of Luck viz: Heaven Luck, Man Luck and Earth Luck.
Heaven Luck
Heaven Luck is what we are all born with and can be treated as what we in common parlance call DESTINY. It decides the birthplace, time, nationality, inheritance and all other such major influences. We donít have any direct control over destiny. All major events and outcomes are strongly influenced by this Luck.
Man Luck
Man Luck is what you do in terms of your action. This could be your personal attitude, the initiatives that you take to do / get something you want, education, hard work, tact etc. This luck is very much in your control.
Earth Luck
This is about favorable or conducive ambience that we want for the various purposes. Earth luck is similar. It signifies the luck generated from your surroundings i.e. how conducive or favorable is your surroundings in helping you reach your desired goals.

Feng Shui addresses the EARTH LUCK factor by aligning you in accordance with the cosmic order so that your luck is amplified. This will launch a positive, encouraging and an advantageous platform for you to reach out to your goals successfully. To summarize, good Feng Shui controls 35% of your life. Heaven Luck & Man Luck governs the remaining.


What is Feng Shui

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