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What is Vaastu

Vaastu shastra, which means the science of the built area, is an ancient Indian architectural science. It is the study of the forces of nature and their effect on an individual's immediate environment. This science is perfectly in tune with the natural laws and lays down the rules to create harmonious environs for living by connecting the individual with the cosmic forces surrounding us.

Vaastu Shastra is divided into seven main parts:
Vaastu Shastra is based on the laws of gravitational forces, magnetic forces, flow of electric current, flow of wind and water, and takes into account the importance of the sun's rays also known as the solar energy. The proper effect of all these in necessary to keep good health and balance of mind.

Vaastu is an ancient architectural tradition of India based on the Vedas. Vaastu developed its building technology on the fundamental premise that the earth or soil is a living organism out of which other living creatures and organic forms emerge.

Vaastu by tradition is the life force contained within the earth. Vaastu also means living space or dwelling space. Vaastu is the individual site or land identified for a village or neighborhood. Vaastu is also the building enclosure.

Man does not inhabit this earth alone; he inhabits akasham or space. He is linked with his Shakti or energy to other energy form. He is part of a movement, a cycle of life and death, which is known as Kaala (time). Space, Time and Energy are traditionally primed as existing in their free, unlimited state. Vaastu experts have not only devised an order pertaining to the creation of manifested space, but have also ascertained a link between time cycle and the life of a person.

Vaastu is not about magical cures but about the physical, psychological and spiritual order of the built environment and its consonance with the energies of the cosmic universe.

The science of Vaastu revolves around the affect of the 5 elements (Panchbhuutas), on the human body.

The 5 Elements (Panchbhuutas)

Sky : Aakaash

It is the unending (Anantha) region remote from the Earth, in which not only our Solar System, but the entire Galaxy (Brahmaand) exists. Its effective forces are light, heat, gravitational force and waves, magnetic field and others. Its main charecterstic is Shabda (Sound).

Air : Vaayu

Atmosphere of the Earth which is about 400 kms, in depth and consists of 21% Oxygen (Praan Vaayu), Nitrogen 78%, Carbon Dioxide, Helium, other kinds of gases, dust particles, humidity and vapor in certain proportion. Life of human beings, plants and animals and even fire depends on this. Its main characteristics are Shabda and Sparsha (Touch).

Fire : Agni

Represents light and heat of fire (burning), lightning, volcanic or plutonic heat, the heat of fever or inflammation, energy, days and nights, seasons and other aspects of solar system, and also enthusiasm, ardor, passion, spirited vigor. Its main characteristics are Shabda, Sparsha and Roopa (Form).

Water : Jal

This is represented by rain, river, sea and is in the form of liquid, ice, and gas steam, cloud. It is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen in the ratio of two to one, perfectly neutral in reaction. In every plant and life on Earth, water exists in certain proportion and its main characteristics are Shabda, Sparsha, Roopa and Rasa (taste)

Earth : Bhumi

Earth, the third planet in order form the Sun, is a big magnet with north and south poles as centers of attractions. Its magnetic field and gravitational force have telling effects on everything on Earth whether living or non-living. It is tilted by about 23 at the meridian of its either side for six months called Uttaraayana and Dakshinaayana and rotates on its own axis from West to East resulting in day and night. Its one orbit around sun takes 365 days (1 year). Three fourths of Earth's surface is water and one fourth is land. Its main characteristics are Shabda, Sparsha, Roopa, Rasa, and Guna (quality).

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