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Where to Place Refrigerator

Where to install

Unstable installation may cause vibration and noise. If the floor to install the refrigerator on is not even, make the refrigerator level by rotating the height adjusting screw. Carpet or floor covering on which a refrigerator is installed may be discolored by heat from the bottom of the refrigerator. If our refrigerator causes this kind of damage, there is something wrong with it.
Installing the refrigerator in a wet or damp area may cause rust and may be an electrical hazard.
If this refrigerator is installed where the ambient temperature is high, the freezing capacity is deteriorated and the cost of electricity used increases.

Necessary distance from walls

There should be a space no less than 5 cm from right and left side of the refrigerator, and no less than 30 cm from the top. This is for both effective energy saving and decrease heat emitted out.
Do not put any cover over the cabinet, such as lace, vinyl sheet, etc. otherwise heat emitting effect drop resulting in poor performance and overheated compressor. The outside cabinet may get warm due to heat emitting, it is not a sign of malfunction.

Avoid extreme heat

Place your refrigerator out of direct sunlight and away from heat source such as radiators and range of cooking appliances.
Proper electrical installation of the refrigerator.
Be sure to ground the refrigerator and do not use a 2 pin plug which does not have proper earthing. Place refrigerator near to the electrical outlet so that you do not have to use an extension cord. Use the proper voltage as indicated on a label placed at the door or at the back of the cabinet.

Safety precaution

Do not splash water on the refrigerator, as it would cause an electric current leakage or malfunction of some electrical components.
Do not use flammable sprays such as lacquer and paint near the refrigerator as it would cause an explosion.
Never store explosives and chemicals inside or near the refrigerator as they could explode.
Should you want to dispose off your refrigerator, DO remove the door completely as a safeguard against small children being trapped inside the refrigerator.

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