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Window Accessories

Stick-on Shields

To keep those mosquitoes out of your home all together, you need to guard your windows. Try the traditional Velcro mosquito mesh. You have to nail on the backing to the window frame and stick on the mesh. These meshes are made of bendable plastic and tend to collect dust. So you need to wash them periodically. If you are putting them away for a while, store them in rolls and don't fold them. If you don't want nails in your window frame, opt for magnetic insect screens. These cost approximately Rs.120 per sq. ft. They are simple to use and there is no installation needed. Plus they are more see-through than the Velcro meshes. These nets are made of fibreglass mesh and don't collect as much dust. You will have to run a wet sponge on them once in a while though. Both these stick-on shields can be custom-made to fit your windows.

For windows and doors where the sun's heat is not a significant problem, protection against insects is often desirable. For this, fiberglass screening constructed of vinyl-coated fiberglass yarns can be used. Fiberglass is strong, long lasting and is not easily damaged, which makes it virtually the "carefree screening."

Slide Away Screens

Retractable (sliding) mosquito screens can be used for both windows and doors and can disappear when they aren't needed. Retractable screens solve lots of problems, they stop flying insects just like fixed screens, but can be fully retracted when not in use allowing you full flexibility, especially in winter. They cost about Rs.200 per sq. ft. for window screens and Rs.240 per sq. ft. for door screens, inclusive of installation. The screens are easy to install and form a sealed unit to the window frame or reveal. The mesh should be very strong and should be vacuum-able for easy cleaning. All the casings can be eletro coated aluminium which gives strength and durability.
The screens are made of see-through fibreglass, which makes it perfect for balcony doors.
These do not occupy much space and when retracted they are just 2 inches wide and 3 inches broad.

Delmen Nets

Each time you open or close the screen the brushes fitted on the inside take off the dust. In case you live by a busy street, you could wipe them with a damp cloth occasionally.