Broadband Connection and Plan Tips

What Is Broadband?

According to TRAI regulations, broadband a dedicated internet connection with connection speed greater than or equal to 256 kbps that is always available. Anything with lower speed is not defined as a broadband connection.
You can use the internet as much as you like, visiting as many sites as you like, the charges will be based on the tariff plan depending on speed and download you have chosen. Your internet connection will work separately from your phone line, so you will not have to block your phone from being used.



This is the speed at which you will be able to transfer data to/from your computer. This means that more the speed, faster the downloads and uploads.


kilo bits per second is a unit for measuring data transfer over a broadband connection. Note that kbps is different from KBPS (notice the caps). 8 kbps = 1 KBPS. So, if you go for a 256 kbps connection, you will get effective download speeds of 256/8 = 32 KBPS (Kilo bytes per second).


mega bits per second is also a unit for measuring data transfer. 1 mbps = 1024 kbps = 128 KBPS.

PPPOE ( Always on )

Point To Point Over Ethernet is a protocol to establish point to point connection over an ethernet. Most DSL modems and wifi routers support this protocol allowing an always on broadband connection which is established within seconds after switching on the device. This is the recommended type of connection as it works well with most wifi routers and devices like Xbox, PS3, cellphones with wifi.

Browser based login

An alternate method of authentication where you have to login to the ISP’s website before you can start surfing the internet or download any files. This is not supported by DSL modems or wifi routers. This is not recommended as it is cumbersome to use it with wifi routers. Additionally, there are issues if you use devices like Xbox, PS3 and cellphones with wifi.


The %age of time the broadband service is up without any disruptions. Most ISPs claim 99% uptime but are usually not able to deliver that.

How does broadband differ from dial up?

There are two main differences: speed and pricing. If you’ve got a dial up internet connection, you’ll know how slow it can be to access a website or download a file; a broadband connection is much faster. And, while you’re waiting for your dial up system to get cracking, it’s frustrating to think how much the wait is costing you. But with broadband you can take as long as you like. Most basic broadband packages cost under £12 a month, and you get a 24-hour connection for that flat rate.


Stay online all day and control your internet costs

Because broadband services are charged monthly, you will pay a fixed rate for your connection for this rate, you can access the internet as many times as you like, for as long as you like. And, when the bill comes through, there won’t be any nasty surprises.

Use the phone at the same time

Broadband internet access splits your phone line, so your internet and phone operate on separate systems. This means you can stay online for as long as you want without worrying about hogging the phone, and check emails or information online while chatting.

Fast downloading

Downloading a large file (or even a small one) with a dial up connection is time consuming and expensive. With broadband, you can download a song in a matter of seconds, and a whole album in a fraction of the time it would take to listen to. Broadband internet access is now up to 480 times faster than dial up, making it quick and simple to download graphics, animation, video and images. You can easily find and download TV images such as news and entertainment clips. And the time you spend downloading won’t cost any extra.

Learning resources

If you’re considering broadband internet access for a family computer, you’ll want to know how your kids can benefit. There is a whole host of information on the internet, and if your children are studying for exams or doing coursework, they can use specialised learning resources, reference websites (encyclopaedias, dictionaries and language sites) and learning forums. For information on restricting children’s broadband internet access, see our article on Internet Safety.

Online content

Broadband internet access allows you to benefit from a great range of online resources. News sites in particular are constantly developing new initiatives, and many will allow you to download a “desktop ticker”, which scrolls the latest news across the bottom of your screen 24 hours a day. This is only possible with broadband, as a broadband internet connection is always on. You can also listen to live digital radio or play back TV shows you’ve missed from earlier in the week.

Tips to Choose Right Broadband connection

These days internet has become the integral part of every home and is now a 24X7 requirement. And you cannot do much with a dial-up internet connection. Thus, a high speed broadband internet connection is must for your business. Today, plenty of internet service providers are available in the market. And with so many choices and options available it becomes difficult to decide which service provider is best.

The questions you should as is: Why do you need an internet connection?

1) for sending and receiving e-mails 2) for online bank transfers and payments 3) for online movies, radio and entertainment 4) for your kids 5) for everything for all your needs.

Here are some few points which need to be evaluating before taking internet connection.


Price is the most important factor affecting your choice. The cost offered by different services provider varies from each other.
First you have to determine you need corporate connection or for personal use. For corporate connections you need to ensure that VPN connection works with the speed you choose. Also, the maximum cost that the company will pay for net connection may be defined.
And an individual needs internet connection for personal use. So here cost much more and depends on the speed and download you need and also the budget you have.
You can check the plans tarriff plans of service providers by viewing their websites listed above.

How much you are getting

Different kinds of plans available in the market. These internet services provider (ISP) companies offers so many plans which can attracts you.
1) Time based
2) Usage based
3) Unlimited usage

In Time based plan you will get a connection for certain period of time and after that it will not work or you have to pay fee for extra days.
In usage based plan you will be give a limited usage like 1GB or 2GB with a certain period of time. If you complete that usage period your internet will be disconnected.
In today’s world, we require long hours of internet usage, So unlimited usage is the best option.
However, Download limit plan is better if you know your monthly usage.
Also if you regularly upload files then check that also with your plan. The upload limits are normally not quoted. In cases this is half of the download limit but it is always good to clarfiy upfront.


Everyone should determine its bandwidth requirement before taking internet connection. Plans available in the market ranges from 128 Kbps to 2GBps. The choice depends on your requirement like numbers of users, the usage of application, the download and upload needed. For and individual 128Kbps unlimited usage per month at a certain fixed cost is best option For mid sized firm a speed of 2MBps and higher is best option

Customer Service Department

The best ISP is one which can resolve your problem with in certain hours of complain. Thus you need to select that ISP who has better Customer care department and best engineers.
The customer service standards vary based on the locality also. So it is best to check with your neighbours also, if they are using broadband connections

Network Reach

Geographical location must be taken care of while determining the type of broadband connection. Specially to check that the ISP provides in the locality and connection is good there.
Making choice between the types of broadband connection i.e. wired or wireless is not an easy task. A wired connection is preferred when the connection is required in some remote regions. An ISP can guide you in making choice between the wired or wireless connection. A combination of wired or wireless broadband connection is considered ideal when you move from an urban setup to a remote region. You can experience high speed internet access and data network access with wireless connection across a wide area.
On the other hand, a wired network offers you a more robust network and superior internet connection with high bandwidth.

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