Car Music System Buying Guide

Car Music System Buying Guide

Get a car stereo with the panel type you are most comfortable with, this will determine the ease of changing music. They come in a wide variety – flip-down, synchro-flip, slot and motorized entry.

To enhance sound experience, you can buy an amplifier, a sub-woofer and speakers (front and rear ) over and above the stereo. Choose an amplifier that will boost the sound without distorting the songs. Sony amplifiers are priced between Rs. 5,000 – 12,000, while the Alpine ones come for Rs. 6,700-18,000.

All car-stereo makers make accessories such as speakers and sub-woofers as well. So consult company experts at the store about these too. Prices are usually at par with the stereo prices. Sony sub-woofers come for Rs. 2,900-6,000, rear speakers for Rs. 2,690-4,990 and front speakers Rs 1,700-11,350.Alpine products are a little more expensive – speakers Rs. 2,200-5,000 sub-woofers Rs. 3,100-12,300.


Various functionalities available in music players include:

  • Flash memory to store MP3 songs
  • Load songs from laptop into memory cards and play it on the music system
  • I-pod and satellite radio interface
  • Shock proof memory that prevents skips even on the roughest roads
  • Quick search options to find songs
  • Plug any MP3 players to the music system
  • Bluetooth interface for wireless transmission of mobile phone calls via the speakers
  • Automatic volume control that is sensitive to vehicle speed
  • Theft deferent faceplate

The prices of these are in the following ranges:


  • Sony
  • Panasonic
  • Alpine
  • Blaupunkt
  • Kenwood

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