Clothes Dryer Usage Guide

Women want maintenance-free home appliances and one such app is clothes dryer, demanding very little of your time and attention. There is very little you need to do to maintain this dryer that churns out cupboard-dry clothes, ready to sent for ironing.
Tip 1: Clean the lint filter after every use to ensure free air flow. The lint filter helps collect all the loose threads and lint that come off your clothes when drying. It ensures high efficiency of the machine and is also a must from the safety point of view as lint could lead to a fire threat due to the high temperatures in the machine.
Tip 2: While drying consecutive loads, make sure you remove clothes from one load (before folding), clear the filter, and then start the next load while the dryer is still hot. This ensures consumption of less energy as you’re cutting down on the time needed to reheat the dryer.
Tip 3: Run a frequent check on the exhaust fan. This is essential to figure out particularly when the dryer isn’t sufficiently heating up or taking longer than usual to dry your clothes.
Tip 4: Separate your lightweight fabrics from bulky ones as they would need more energy and time to dry.
Tip 5: According to common knowledge, a television or refrigerator would consume lesser power than an iron would. Find out from your electric power-supplier what you would be charged for different times of the day. If power charges are less during the night, use your clothes dryer during the night, fold your clothes and stack away in your cupboard.

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