Decorative Surrounds for Doors

Doors contribute highly to the decor and ambience. Glazing, door knobs and frames are  important components of the door. Door surrounds also contribute to the looks and this can be spruced up to make the entire door stand out. A door surround is differentiated from the rest of the walls by contrasting material and color.


A grand door surround usually goes well with ornate materials and design detailing, these usually consist of two pilasters, rounded or otherwise, flanking the door, and a header. The header is sometimes arched to create an imposing elevation. Embellisments like medallions can be used for the header. The pilasters can be detailed with traditional motifs that usually adorn a column. For an exterior door, the surround is usually made of stone, masonry or concrete. The pattern of the door surround is generally seen along the windows too for uniformity. Exquisitely colored marble is a strinking material that can be used to create an ornamental look. Add inlay work and the surround becomes a work of art. Decorative millwork using random rubble can appear as flat panels around the door frame. In such a case, the pilasters are dispensed off entirely. The panels are flat but the rubble stones offer considerable texture to the ambience. Brick and mortar surrounds can be simple and contemporary. Sometimes, the door surrounds makes use of corbels to support a gabled canopy right over the door. Here, you can see the use of concrete or stone for the surround as well as corbels and tiles like Mangalore tiles for the canopy. For a cost effective solution, concrete can be used to create a door surround. By incorporating fine details, it can be made to look grand and stylish. For instance, a mosaic of colorful tiles can be incorporated into the concrete facade for the artistic look.


Interior doors can take other styles depending on overall decor. From traditional carvings of stone or wood to contemporary wood panelling, the surround becomes an attractive addition around the door. Simple mouldings of wood can flank the door to create an obstrusive yet stylish door surround. The overhead can be more elaborate with rosettes or cecorative inserts like swag patterns, fan details or plume motif adornments. You can also have corner blocks that are equally decorative. A simple trellis of wood carvings is an elegant addition over the door that goes well with a rich decor. Grand door surrounds can be fashioned out of Plaster of Paris also. Elaborate and unique designs can be fashioned with pliant material. Grander designs may have glided or painted accents. A door surround fashioned entirely out of glass blocks or panels is not uncommon in such a decor theme. A combination of metal, glass or wood rules the roost here.

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