Exhaust Fan Maintenance Guide

The factors to concern when you clean up kitchen exhaust fans.


It should be clean as often as possible but, most of the time, the cleaning requires so much effort so it’s not possible for most of us to clean the kitchen exhasut fans everyday. Therefore, You should clean as often as you can. Be sure that the kitchen exhaust fans are not operated during your cleaning and it has been stopped for already for at least half and hour because the fans will probably still hot and wet from the fresh smoke.


Mostly kitchen exhaust fans are located in the high position. you have to climb up or stand on the chair to clean it. Make sure you stand on the firm chair or ladder. Do not stay alone or at least have someone in the distance that can hear you, in case any accident occurs. Unplug the fans and electrical appliances nearby before start the cleansing.


If you clean it often enough you will not have to use heavy tools to clean kitchen exhaust fans. Only a normal clothing is enough. Actually, heavey tools are not even recommended because it will damange the fans surface more and more when you clean them.

With the 3 factors, time, safety and tools, you can make smooth kitchen exhaust fans

Exhaust fans are a very important element to a bathroom. Without proper ventilation, the bathroom will become susceptible to mold and mildew growth. Dust will collect in the bathroom fan quite easily with the moist environment and the nature of this fan so it is best to clean out the filter in the bathroom fan and vacuum out the intake panel at least once a month. This will ensure that the fan functions better as well.

Clean and inspect exhaust fan ports

Clean both the inlet and the outlet of the exhaust system using a mild detergent. Oil the louvers or flaps so that they operate freely.

Inspect for:

  • Louvers or flaps that stick
  • Any missing pieces
  • Insect nests
  • Repair as necessary.

Sticking louvers or flaps allow for loss of heating or cooling, which increases your energy bills. It also allows an opening for insects.

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