Home Lighting Tips


Ambient or general lighting

This is used to illuminate an area with consistent light. CFLs and tubelights work well to light a room such as kitchen, where one does not need soft lighting. The incandescent bulb works better in a more formal setting.

Accent Lighting

This kind of light is decorative and used to highlight a piece of art, photograph or an arrangement of plants.

Task Lighting

This is a concentrated light, usually for specific tasks such as reading. Floor-mounted or table-mounted lamps work well to illuminate a specific spot.


Living Room

This is a space which is used for various purposes like entertaining guests or watching TVs. Low ambient lighting for general illumination, accent lighting for show-pieces and paintings and task lighting for reading purposes can be used in living rooms. Indirect lighting where a false ceiling is constructed with lights tucked inside is popular. It comes with dimmers to set the mood.


Bedrooms can have various activities like reading, watching television, working on computer and sleeping; these need various light settings. Wall spotlights, lamps, sconces, ceiling fixtures and floor lamps can be used to get layers of diffused light. Dimly-lit rooms can be good for sleep but can be hindrance for other activities. For reading, controlled reading lights on either side of the bed can be used. Use a dimmer or subdued light if you have a baby. For parents or grandparents room, go for high-wattage bulbs. Also, do not use lampshades since they can be over-powering and can block the light.


A study needs overall illumination. However, taks lighting via a table lamp should be used to focus light on the reading area to ensure that your children do not strain their eyes while studying.

Dining Room

Use ambient lighting for general illumination, a chandelier above the dining table can also look good. Put a dimmer on the chandelier to create different moods as well as to void glare during family meal times. An asjustable pendant light which is suspended on wires or tubes from the ceiling, allows you to adjust the light for best possible view of the food, without getting in the way or diffusing the light too much.


A CFL or a tubelight provides constant light and allows you to cook efficiently. Task lighting for certain areas is also recommended, and if you have a fancy kitchen that has space, use lamps. A pendant light fixture works well over a counter or a table since you can adjust the light as required.


Apart from ambient light, some amount of natural light in a bathroom brightens the room. Light around the mirrors help during makeup. If you are making a false ceiling for indirect lighting since this light can be controlled. Today tiles come in such beautiful colors and patterns that you may not want a wall-mounted fixture disturbing your design.


There is a lot of variety but the rule is to direct the lights away from the eye. Also, don’t over-light, just highlight the pathway and some foliage. Try installing some portable solar lights in your lawn which will charge themselves during the day and can be used to light various areas of your lawn at night.

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