Iron Buying Guide


Water (steam)

Choose an iron, which generates good amount of steam. If you are tired of wrinkles forming often, a spray of steam will work best on these wrinkled- fabrics. It will pre-moisten the attire ready to get pressed.

Know about steam generators

These irons are also named steam systems or professional ironing systems. It creates three times of the steam usually done by a normal steam iron. Steam is produced when an amount of water is filled in the boiler, which after boiling the water pushes it to the iron through the solid cord. Depending on the type of steam generator water can be filled in either the water tank or the boiler.

Steam generators with water tanks can have water filled into it without switching off the iron. While using a detachable water tank merely take the tank away to fill up required water. A non-water tank steam generator iron needs water to be poured into its boiler and properly cooled before filling. Remember to switch off boiler and wait till the water cools, before you refill the tank. It is a safe option to empty water from the iron when going away from home.


A soleplate or the surface that is non-sticky and clean is always recommended. Stainless steel or aluminum soleplates are easily conducive to heat variances.


If you are looking for lightweight irons then the weight is usually one and half pounds whereas a full-scale iron is three pounds.


Gone are the days when irons were similar and simple looking! Make use of great quality and specially designed irons. Available in every nook and corner of your neighborhood, these irons not only have unique features but also stand out in its look.

Steam irons

These are mostly used in all households. It is otherwise named as the ‘regular iron’. Steam irons with spray and steam irons with dry property are also available. A perfect example of steam iron is the Tefal Aquaspeed 110 Iron. Consider all the multi-purpose properties given below, when buying a steam iron.

Water spray

Worried over a highly creased fabric? The property of water spray helps in removing this uneveness with a quick squirt of water. Once dampened with fine mist of water, the fabric is soft enough to get ironed giving you a dashing look.

Drip stop

Steam used before the thermostat reaches the set temperature, will have iron spurting water all over the fabric. The drip-stop feature helps in stopping water from dripping onto the garment even if the temperature falls too low to generate steam.

Auto off

Did you forget to put off the iron before leaving the house? Don’t panic! If your iron has the Auto off feature, it will automatically switch off after a period of inactivity, causing no damages. These Irons come with time -sets for turning off itself.


This feature holds the set temperature evenly without any major fluctuations in it. A greater wattage iron will enable quicker heating with good uphold of the set temperature. Go for the new digital thermostat installed in the iron for perfect maintenances of temperatures.

Water tank

The water tank holds water required to spray out in either steam or water form. The size of the water tank is based on the size of its iron. The larger the capacity of the tank, the continuous is the iron’s run! Keep in mind to fill tanks as and when needed. Some need filling by simply pouring water into the top portion whereas some by just keeping flat. Use a mix of tap water or demineralised water in the tanks but never use hard tap water. For safety, always make sure to empty the tank while you are on vacations.

Anti calc (or calc clean)

If you have used tap water in the tank and later found waste minerals stuck to the soleplates, don’t worry because the Anti calc-cleaning feature cleanses the soleplates steam holes completely from all harmful minerals stuck. This will also provide a long-run capacity to your iron!

Corded irons

The corded irons are the ‘old’ and traditional form of irons. They come with cords attached to them and are easily available. Most buyers prefer these types of irons, as they are convenient to use allowing greater mobility. As a suggestion put forth, do buy extra long cords for that brilliant ironing of your fabric.

Ironing systems

These form a complete ironing package. This package includes an iron, ironing board, boiler, fan and a large water reserve. This kind of ironing consumes only half your time, as it is very powerful and just one side of ironing from you will do, the system does the other side’s ironing by itself. This method is called double-sided ironing. The disadvantage of this ironing system though is the heavy price and big size.

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