Laundry Upkeep Guide

A snag-free wash cycle churning out spic and span clothes is what you demand from your washing machine. But most often, your own carelessness with washing agents result in a premature slip in the washer’s functioning. The following tips can help you have your way around not just with your kids but with all the elements that comprise your home!
Tip 1: Remove grit from the screens where the hoses attach to the water supply.
Tip 2: It is necessary to place your washer on a pedestal or on a well-supported platform to prevent vibration and banging.
Tip 3: This one is with respect to your clothes. When you wash your laundry, use warm or cold water but make sure you rinse in cold.
Tip 4: Every washer has the capacity for wash load mentioned in the manual that comes along with it. Make sure you don’t overload it beyond what has been recommended.
Tip 5: Avoid overuse of detergents. Excess of washing powder means over application of chemicals in them to your garments; which results in loosening the threads, thereby resulting in spoiling them completely.
Tip 6: Over usage of detergents means pushing the washer to work harder, which means consumption of more energy by it.
Tip 7: It is better to wash one large load than two small ones; this way you will save more energy.
Tip 8: Avoid soaking badly soiled clothes into the washer. This has to be preceded by presoaking the garment to avoid washing them twice.

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