Mobile vs Fixed Line Broadband

Are you new to broadband and not sure whether you should take a mobile broadband or a wireless /fixed line connection? Check out the pros and cons of both mobile and fixed line broadband.



You can take your broadband with you wherever you go and be online at all places. A mobile broadband connection is exactly that; mobile, which means that you can access you emails, check the sports results whereever you are.
You will not need to pay for line rental on a home phone that is rarely used, just to connect their ADSL broadband.
Plug and play technology: All the software you need to connect to the internet is automatically installed when you first plug your modem into your laptop . There is no need to set it up or call technical support.


Low download limits: Mobile broadband tariffs may offer a limited download allowance every month and that can set you back.

High costs for exceeding your limit: Providers who apply set download limits on their tariffs may charge over limit.

Slower connection At the moment, the top speed is considerably less than fixed line broadband connections. And coverage can be patchy in rural areas, or speeds significantly slower, so you should always check the coverage in your area and the areas where you travel before signing up.



Cheap: Fixed line broadband is cheaper than mobile broadband.

High download allowances: Generous fair usage policies and download allowances means that you can use the internet to its full potential – downloading and streaming your favourite movies and programmes and sending high resolution pictures to friends and family.

Faster speeds: Most home broadband connections will be faster than mobile broadband.

Consistent connection: Because your home broadband is connected to a fixed line, it will be more reliable than a mobile broadband connection that is being moved from one place to the next, and which might sometimes lose its connection to the 3G network.


Fixed to one place: Standard home broadband packages use a fixed line and so you can only connect to the internet with it from home.

Line rental costs ADSL broadband users have to pay for the phone line that their broadband connects to.

Switching problems: Because of the various technologies now used to supply fixed line broadband – ADSL, part