New air cooler models launched by Symphony

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Symphony has introduced two models of air coolers – window 70 XL and window 41 XL. These models have been developed using a very powerful exhaust fan as against a cooler fan used in other models.

It is the first time in India that a plastic body cooler comes fitted with such a fan and a powerful heavy-duty motor. Because of the extra weight of the motor, typically such coolers have been manufactured using metal cabinets that too by the unorganized manufacturers. These are very popular in the vast markets of the north, east and central India.

41XL Features

  • For rooms upto 3500 cu ft
  • Air throw distance – 33 feet
  • Wattage – 230V
  • Tank capacity – 41l
  • Cooling media – Aspen
  • Product Dimensions
    Length – 520 mm
    Breadth – 446 mm
    Height – 714 mm
  • Remote Control – No

70XL Features

  • For rooms upto 6500 cu ft
  • Air throw distance upto 59 feet
  • Wattage 400
  • Tank capacity – 70 litres
  • Cooling media – Aspen
  • Automatic movement of louvre
  • Product dimensions (mm)
    Length 655
    Breadth 634
    Height 838
  • Remote Control – No

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