Quick Fixes for Cars

Posted On By Shariar
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Fill It

Most of us have run out of fuel at some point or the other, because the wife was fighting, or you were in a big rush, or there was no pump on the route. To make matters worse, when you go get fuel in a can and try to pour it into the narrow filler mouth, it spills out and makes a real mess. And not all the fuel goes in because the can only be tilted to a point because of its short neck. The solution is easy. Take an empty PET bottle – mineral water, cold drink etc. – and slice off the bottom. You now have a ready to use funnel. Just pour it, buddy.

Key Idea

Most of us have at some time or the other experienced the horror of locking the keys inside our vehicles. There have even been some unlucky ones I know, who have done it while the engine was running or lights were on. Well, if you don’t want to get caught out again, especially when you are touring, keep a spare in your wallet or hang one around your neck. You could even get it gold plated (it’s not that expensive) and wear it as a pendant. And what’s more, the key to your automobile will always be close to your heart.

Don’t Lose It

Fuel filler caps are pretty easy to lose and a pain to replace. You are even, more likely to lose one if you are in the habit of sitting in your seat and leaving the opening and refitting to overworked petrol pump attendants. Fortunately, some cars these days come with an attachment for the cap. If your vehicle does not have it you could screw a plastic strap or thin chain to the cap and attach the other end to the lid.

Brush It

Many windscreens have dull marks