Vacuum Cleaner User Guide

A clean and neat atmosphere fits well with the concept of a perfect home but the stubborn dust and dirt particles that remain on the sofas, carpets, curtains and all other nooks and corners make your home not so perfect. Unlike normal dusting by your maid, vacuum cleaners sucks out the dirt and dust from hard-to-reach places and thus truly cleans your house.
To make sure this electronic house cleaner keeps your home spic and span, you’ve got to maintain it the right way. Different types of vacuum cleaners are required for different tasks. For instance, an uprights cleaner will perform a different cleaning task than a steam vacuum cleaner. Uprights are a good choice if you have a lot of carpeting on the floor. Steam vacuum cleaners have self-contained steam cleaning features for deeper cleaning and sanitizing your floor. Here’s what you need to do to keep vacuum cleaners on the run:
Tip 1: Clean the vacuum cleaner’s filter or change the bag when the need arises.
Tip 2: Perform a periodical check on the cord and if you find the cover damaged, replace its cover.
Tip 3: Rotating-brush supports need to cleaned frequently.
Tip 4: Remember vacuuming up string and hard objects might cause damage to your vacuum, so avoid it. Running over the cord might end up in fraying and causing an electric-shock hazard.

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